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Relax and recharge your batteries

Sauna bathing in all its varieties is still one of the most natural possibilities to harden body and soul against all odds.

This is the only body you have, do him good!

Beauty, balance, energy and health especially come from the inside.

The sauna can be used per pitch every 3rd day of stay (2 x per week).

The perfect addition to movement and relaxation exercise, done in smooth satiny “GRANDER” water, gives inner peace and space for deep bodily relaxation. Wellness Camping in South Tyrol.

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What is Grander?

Some of the good characters are:

·         Subtler taste of the water
·         Longer durability
·         Increased desire of drinking water
·         More natural taste
·         Improved growth of the plants
·         Visible floridity
·         Savings for detergents etc.

We use vitalised water by the Grander technology.

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