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The unique hiking paradise around Naturns

The uniquely beautiful landscape is one of the most valuable goods of South Tyrol. Ortler, Königsspitze, Weißkugel, Geisler, Three Peaks.... South Tyrol's summit gallery is large and full of names. Or if you simply want to breathe in the fresh mountain air, we suggest you choose one of the many high alpine hikes in the Texelgruppe Nature Park, which mostly run above the forest line.

Whether it's the three thousand metre peaks or a leisurely walk through the woods, you can pick mushrooms. Everyone finds the right thing for his or her taste. Surrounded by marvellous nature, hiking not only promotes physical well-being, but also a good mood.

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Prokulus Kirche Naturns
Schloß Tirol
Eine Speckmarende, das Schönste auf der Welt
The cycle paths in the Burggrafenamt

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