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The mild climate in Naturns - 315 days of sunshine

When the magic of blossoms and the scent of blossoms settles over the Alps in spring, then all the senses have a holiday.

On 315 days a year the sun shines in the sky over Naturns. The holiday paradise near Merano is thus considered to be the place with the lowest rainfall in the entire eastern Alps. Just the right thing for those who are looking for a holiday with guaranteed sunshine. Forget rain ponchos and bad weather programs. Your holiday plans won't fall into the water.

The mild, Mediterranean climate not only pleases the inhabitants and guests of Naturns, but also makes nature shine. At 554 metres above sea level, Kiwis grow alongside apricots and apples next to grapes. And at Sonnenberg (nomen est omen) the extremely dry weather has formed a unique landscape with extraordinary flora and fauna. So it's not the weather that makes for a change, but the many possibilities that the sun-kissed area in and around Naturns offers you.

in full bloom
apple blossom from april, 15
field of flowers
temperature during year
Camping Adler****
Camping Adler****
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