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Booking conditions

Please return your confirmation through our form per fax, post or email within a few days after receipt of our confirmation. The form you return represents the final confirmation of your booking. (Unfortunately we cannot reserve a particular room number of floor. If possible we will do our best to meet your wishes.)


Deposit (only for Bungalows)

€ 150,00 per Bungalows per week within 7 days and in the name of the person booking. (Regular guests do not have to pay the deposit.)

Means of payment:

* Bank transfer: Our bank coordinates are:


Banca Popolare - 39025 Naturno - Italia

IBAN: IT52X0585658920047571084795


Credit card (Eurocard, Master Card, Visa): please indicate the number of your credit card and its validity on the booking Fax or per phone.


Important notice:

- we will contact you if we do not receive your written confirmation or deposit

- we will confirm the receipt of your deposit only on request




Bungalows: On Saturday.

Check in: 15 am / Check out 10.00 am


Of course if you arrive before your Bungalow is ready, you can already start to enjoy the other service of our Camping. If you arrive after 6 pm, we kindly ask you to give us notice in advance (phone 0039 O473 667242).





The travel insurance is valid form the moment of booking to the date of arrival.

How do I take the insurance? 

price for the booked period € 300,-      fee ammounts € 15,-
price for the booked period € 500,-      fee ammounts € 30,-
price for the booked period € 750,-      fee ammounts € 39,-
price for the booked period € 1.000,-   fee ammounts € 49,-
price for the booked period € 1.500,-   fee ammounts € 77,-
price for the booked period € 2.000,-   fee ammounts € 99,-


IMPORTANT: please indicate in your booking confirmation or in the confirmation form if you want to take out the insurance.


Insured reasons for trip cancellation / trip interruption

The following events are covered as reasons for trip cancellation / trip interruption, if as a result you are unexpectedly unable to commence the trip or have to break it off:

  • unexpectedly occurring serious illness*, serious physical injury caused by an accident, adverse reactions to a vaccination or death;
  • loosening of implanted joints*;
  • unexpectedly occurring serious illness*, serious physical injury caused by an accident or death (including suicide) of a family member, making your presence absolutely necessary;
  • pregnancy, if the pregnancy is determined after booking the journey, or severe pregnancy complications up to the 35th week of pregnancy inclusive*;
  • serious damage to your property at the place of residence as a result of acts of God (e.g. flood, storm), fire, burst water pipes or criminal act of a third party, making your presence absolutely necessary;
  • loss of job without fault, as a result of notice of termination issued by the employer;
  • call-up to basic military service or alternative civilian service;
  • submission of an action for divorce to the competent court or, in the case of registered life partnerships, the submission of a petition for dissolution before the trip to be taken jointly by the married couple/civil partners;
  • dissolution of the relationship of two partners living together (who have had the same registered address for at least 6 months) by the giving up of the joint residence immediately before the trip to be undertaken jointly by the partners concerned;
  • failure to pass the school-leaving certificate examination, or a similar final examination for a course of school education lasting at least 3 years;
  • receipt of an unexpectet judical summons.

* In the event of sickness/accident please have a detailed medical certificate made out by the treating doctor.

No cover is provided, for example, if the reason for trip cancellation or trip interruption

  • already existed or was foreseeable;
  • is connected with an existing illness of the insured person or a person who represents a cancellation risk (e.g. family member), which has been treated

    • on an outpatient basis in the last 6 months or
    • on an inpatient basis in the last 9 months

    before the policy is taken out (in the case of trip cancellation) or before the start of the trip (in the case of trip interruption) (except for check up examinations).

The contractual basis are the EUROPÄISCHE travel insurance conditions (Hotel Industry) 2012 (ERV-RVB Hotel Industry 2015) Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.



In case of cancellation the Insurer refunds following:

- between 45 days before arrival the price for 1 overnight.

- between 30 days before arrival 20% total price for the booked period.

- between 15 days before arrival 40% total price for the booked period.

- between 7 days before arrival 60% total price for the booked period.

- between 1 days before arrival or no show 70% total price for the booked period.


Do you have to leave early? If due to the short notice we cannot let the apartment/suite to other guests, we have to invoice the total amount of the booked period. We therefore suggest you take out a further insurance for early departures.





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