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Experience nature in Naturns

The unique beautiful landscape is one of the most valuable manors in South Tyrol. Ortler, Königsspitze, Weißkugel, Geisler, Drei Zinnen are some of the great mountains in South Tyrol bearing soulful names. Or, if you would simply like to catch some fresh mountain air, we suggest you select between high alpine hiking, that mainly runs above the forestry borders. Whether wandering over 3000 meter high mountains or strolling through the forest and collecting mushrooms. Everyone finds just the right ticket for his taste. Surrounded by beautiful nature, wandering not only benefits to your bodily wellbeing, but also to your mood.


The Laubengasse, a historical business center of the spa city Meran, offers shopping possibilities for extended shopping with a visit to the exclusive boutiques, specialist shops, shopping malls, art galleries etc. The shops in Naturns are situated along the main streets and in the Bahnhofstr. (100m away from the camp site), providing balanced offerings of groceries, vine, liquors, sport/ leisure, shoe and leather wear, sportive, children’s and traditional wear up to exclusive studios for gold and valuable wood carvings.

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