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Bungalows deluxe

The room arrangement of the deluxe bungalows yield a kitchen, a shower and WC, a living/sleeping room and an additional sleeping room for a 4-person bungalow.

Leisurely breakfast on the terrace

You only need to bring your bed and table linen as well as towels.

Included in the prices are: gas, electricity, heating, usage of swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, surfing on the Internet, all duties. Booking time is from Saturday to Saturday.

The Bungalows
in your bedroom - the sky

We bring you the stars from the sky! Pleasant sleep and sweet dreams" for people of any age.

We spend approximately one third of our lives in sleep. Medical research has discovered that more than 30 % of the population suffer from sleeping disorders. The Austrian psychologist Mag. Ulrike Mandl, MAS, has conducted scientific studies on this subject, and has come to the following conclusion: The “star-covered” heaven leads – as was already proven – to an absolute improvement in the quality of sleep. The study revealed that after viewing it there was a calming influence on the test subjects. The fascinating view of the luminous images draws attention to oneself, distracts one from negative thoughts and, additionally, makes time pass faster until one falls back asleep.

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